The National Museum in Sohag

Sohag Governorate

Sohag Governorate extends for 125 km along the Nile River and is 467 km away from Cairo. Assiut governorate borders it in the north and Qena governorate in the south. Also, it neighbours Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar (Red Sea) governorate in the east and the New Valley governorate in the west.

History of the governorate

Sohag is one of the 27 governorates of Egypt. This Upper-Egyptian governorate has a deep-rooted history and heritage, as all the governorates located in the Nile Valley. The history of Sohag extends as long back as the first signs of civilization in Egypt. Surely, we can get a lot about the history of this governorate from the remaining Ancient Egyptian monuments. Of course, a big portion of these monuments located in Abydos.

During the first four ancient Egyptian dynasties, Abydos was the capital of Egypt. Also, the ancient city of El-Tina, north of Abydos, was the home and headquarters of Narmer. According to the history of Egypt, Narmer was the first pharaoh to unify the country in about 3100 BC.

 Later, Muhammad Ali who started ruling Egypt in 1805 divided the country into directorates. Consequently, Girga, or Upper Egypt, was one of these directorates. By then, this directorate had several cities including Mishta, in the north, and Esna, in the south. While Sohag appeared as a village in this directorate.

According to the following demonstrative division to governorates in 1960, Girga lost a big portion of its southern area. Moreover, they moved its capital to Sohag village. Later, Sohag became a modern city with the second biggest area in this governorate.

Administrative Division of Sohag governorate

Sohag governorate consists of the following 11 administrative divisions:

  1. Akhmim.
  2. El-Balyana (The most southern city).
  3. Sohag (The capital).
  4. Tima (The most northern city).
  5. El-Maragha.
  6. Tahta.
  7. El-Mansha (The biggest city in terms of area).
  8. Girga.
  9. Juhayna.
  10. Dar El-Salam.
  11. Also, Sakulta.

The above central cities (Markazes) have 51 rural local units, with subordinated 213 villages. In terms of area, these cities or Markazes, are small except for El-Mansha. While Sohag city comes second.

Attractions in Sohag Governorate

  • Abydos Temple Complex: The Abydos Temple Complex is located in Abydos Village, in the modern Egyptian town Al-Balyana, south of Sohag governorate. During ancient Egypt, Abydos was the capital of the eighth Nome. It is located about 11 kilometres west of the River Nile at latitude 26° 10′ N.

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