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The day tour to the province of El Fayoum from Cairo will allow you to visit Lake Qarun. In addition, you can adequately explore the natural protectorate of Wadi El Rayan with its splendid waterfalls. The trip price typically includes guiding, transfers and delicious lunch.

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It is an extraordinarily active excursion to Al Faiyum from Cairo, Egypt! We recommend the tour because it allows you to see the most impressive sights Al-Fayoum has. Otherwise, it enables you to enjoy nature, as well! This trip will also include exploring Wadi Al Rayan’s naturally preserved areas with its striking and beautiful waterfalls in the middle of the desert. For this reason, we encourage you to schedule this tour and allow yourself to enjoy the picturesque and captivating nature Of Faiyum. Genuinely, it is one of the most exceptional Cairo excursions where you can enjoy nature! ONLINE BOOKING WADI EL RAYAN FAIYUM TRIP CAIRO AND BEST PRICE!

Highlights of Faiyum & Wadi El Rayan Trip from Cairo

  • Visiting Faiyum Oasis.
  • Visiting Karanis monuments.
  • Horse carriage ride.
  • Watching the water wheel.
  • Exploring lake Qaroun.
  • Lunch.
  • Also, visiting Wadi Al Rayan.

Program of Faiyum Tour

  • Landious Travel representative will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo at approximately 07:00 am.
  • After picking up everyone, the bus leaves in the direction of the Faiyum Governorate. The way, from the centre of Cairo to Al Faiyum, requires approximately 2 hours.
  • Once you arrive at Al Faiyum, you will start your trip with a visit to Karanis. In Karanis, you will discover the ruins of this old city. This Karanis possesses several monuments that date back to the Roman period, the Coptic era, and the early Islamic period.
  • After visiting Karanis, you will ride a horse carriage to reach the famous water wheels said to be running since the Ptolemaic era.
  • Then, you will head to lake Qaroun, one of the oldest natural lakes in the world and the third-largest lake in Egypt.
  • After that, lunch comes after the stop at Lake Qaroun.
  • Once again, our excursion continues with a visit to Al-Rayan Valley – Wadi El Rayan. The Egyptian government officially declared this Valley a nature reserve in 1989.
  • Finally, we escort you back to Cairo after such an exciting trip to Faiyum oasis.
  • According to the previous program, we can advise that the Faiyum & Wadi El Rayan Trip from Cairo ends at approximately 22:00.

What does the Price of Faiyum & Wadi El Rayan Trip Cairo Include?

  • Entrance tickets.
  • Lunch.
  • Guide.
  • Also, Transfer to the monastery and back to your hotel.
What does not the Program of Faiyum & Wadi El Rayan Trip Cairo include?
  • Additional excursion programs.
What to take with you for the trip
  • Passport.
  • Also, Clothes for the season.
Faiyum & Wadi El Rayan Trip Booking Days
  • Daily from 07:00 – 22:00.

Information about the Visited Places during Faiyum & Wadi El Rayan Trip Cairo

  • Faiyum is the immense Egyptian Oasis and one of the Egyptian provinces. The governorate of El Faiyum has an agricultural nature. In Ancient Egypt, the crocodile god Sobek was the national deity. Its modern civilisation started during Mohammed Ali Pasha about 200 years ago, who directed many reforms to the infrastructure.
  • Wadi El Rayan is a unique nature protectorate, lies in the western desert, about 42 meters under sea level. Plus, it consists of two lakes formed by waterfalls. In general, these waterfalls are the only ones in Egypt. In 1970, an overflow of drainage water from the farmlands in Faiyum created those waterfalls. Presently, the waterfalls image a spectacular view!

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2 reviews for Wadi El Rayan Faiyum Trip Cairo

  1. Ayshna Mukherjee

    This day tour will take you to Lake Qarun. Also, you can enjoy the waterfalls of Wadi EL Rayan. It takes 2 hours to reach Wadi El Rayan from Cairo. Your first visit to the ruins of Karanisnwhich has several monuments dating back to the Roman, Coptic, and the early Islamic period as well. Then you will board a horse carriage to visit the famous water wells running from the Ptolemaic era. Then you go to the lake Qarun, the oldest natural lake. You have lunch there. Then you visit the natural reserve of the Wadi EL Rayan valley. Then your trip ends and you are taken back to Cairo.

  2. Дарья

    Спасибо организаторам за замечательную поездку .Отличный трансфер и очень грамотный экскурсовод ,который понятно и грамотно и доступно рассказывал по пути о достопримечательностях и истории , мне всё понравилось,узнала много нового ,посетили озеро и полюбовались великими водопадами .Поездка длилась именно столько , сколько нужно,не успели утомиться , а наоборот заряжались новой и интересной информацией.

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