Swimming with Dolphins Trip Sharm El Sheikh

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On the sea trip Swimming trip with dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh, participants can swim with dolphins very closely in a swimming pool. The trip gives the opportunity to touch, kiss, and play with these lovely creatures in a friendly way.


A favourite entertainment excursion for swimming with the friendly dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt! We recommend the trip because it allows tourists to have a good time swimming with dolphins. This dolphin swimming Sharm El Sheikh program is a great way to meet these lovely creatures closely. You can touch, kiss, hug, swim, sing, and play with the dolphins. What a fabulous experience you will be able to do these festive activities! It is a way to share some happy memories of interacting with those intelligent sea mammals. Of course, you can accompany all the family to do this activity and make the dreams come true. ONLINE BOOKING SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS TRIP SHARM EL SHEIKH AND BEST PRICE!

Highlights on the Swimming trip with dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh

  • Swimming with the dolphins in a swimming pool.
  • Also, Pictures and DVD briefing.

Program of Swimming with Dolphins Excursion

  • Landious Travel representative picks you up, from your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, at approximately 09:00 am.
  • After picking up all comers, the bus goes to the dolphinarium located in Sharm El Sheikh. The way to the dolphinarium takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • In the dolphinarium, you will be able to change your clothes and put on a swimming suit and life jacket, if needed.
  • One of the fascinating things will be when you interact with dolphins. They are the most friendly and intelligent sea mammal species in the world!
  • Accordingly, the following main stop will be swimming with friendly dolphins. Of course, swimming with dolphins suits all ages to have fun with these cute creatures in a big swimming pool. While swimming, you will have one dolphin for every two persons—meanwhile, a professional trainer to help you enjoy this thrilling experience. Enjoy your swim experience with dolphins by touching, caressing, hugging, and kissing these adorable creatures in the pool. Remember to smile for the camera! Cherish these unforgettable memories with digital photos of your swim with dolphins experience.
  • Once you have finished your interaction, a picture and DVD briefing starts. The DVD briefing will last 30 minutes. Before the end of the swim with the dolphins, your trainer will offer you to take some pictures. Indeed, it will be an excellent chance to memorise these lovely moments—afterwards, these pictures to you for an extra charge. It will be something optional to have. The price of it varies according to its size.
  • Finally, after such a wonderful dolphin trip, your bus will leave back to your hotel. Once again, we escort you to your hotels.
  • This Swimming trip with dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh ends at approximately 16:30.

What does the Price of Swimming with Dolphins Trip Sharm El Sheikh Include?

  • Professional trainer.
  • Life jacket.
  • Also, Transfer to the dolphinarium and back to the hotel.
What does not the Program of Swimming with Dolphins Sharm El Sheikh include?
  • Video DVD.
  • Also, the Photo CD.
What to take with you for the trip?
  • Towel.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Also, Extra cash.
Swimming with Dolphins  Sharm El Sheikh Booking Days
  • Daily from 09:00 – 12:00.

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  1. Ayshna Mukherjee

    One of my favourite’s of the trip. It is a wonderful,delightful experience to swim with these adorable animals. This is a great way you can get to touch, kiss, hug and play with the dolphins. Since they are already so sweet, things become much more easier. This trip is also a wonderful time to have some very happy and exquisite family time together. Guess what, if you want you can even take digital pictures live or even do a live recording of the wonderful time that you get to spend with these animals. It is a once and for all dream come true! At least it was for me. You are picked up from your hotel at 9 AM and reach the dolphinarium within the next 30 minutes. Then you change your clothes and down you go to the pool. Remember that these are the most intelligent and most friendly animals. There will be one dolphin assigned to two people. So you will get ample opportunities to have a blast! Book immediately.

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