Landious Travel Company is tourist-friendly. It aims at helping tourists spend a lovely vacation in Egypt. For this reason, we provide good service and ensure that all our services are affordable. The company offers you the most exciting and impressive excursions in Egypt. Tourists can book these excursions in all the cities and resorts of the country: we organise tours in Hurghada, Marsa AlamSharm el-Sheikh and Cairo. The following two kinds of excursions are the main channels tourist can do activities:

  • Group excursions in Egypt. Tourists in Egypt choose our group excursions, as this type of excursion, in the first place, saves large sums spent on entertainment during the holiday stay. Usually, we organise these trips on big buses or luxury yachts and cruises. Equally, our tourists receive the services for this excursion according to the agreed-upon conditions. Fortunately, our company organises such tours in all cities and resorts in Egypt.
  • Also, Individual excursions in Egypt.
Table Of Contents
  1. Hurghada Excursions
  2. Best Activities in Egypt
  3. Trips in Sharm El-Sheikh
  4. Trips in Marsa Alam
  5. Trips in Cairo
  6. Historical excursions from Hurghada
  7. Cultural and Religious excursions from Hurghada
  8. Sea excursions in Hurghada
  9. Desert Safari trips in Hurghada
  10. Quad biking for five hours in Hurghada
  11. Excursion Mega-Safari in Hurghada
  12. Excursion Super Jeep-Safari in Hurghada
  13. Entertaining excursions in Hurghada
  14. Excursion to the Grand Aquarium
  15. Excursion to the dolphinarium from Hurghada
  16. Excursion to the Jungle Waterpark in Hurghada
  17. Health & wellness excursions in Hurghada
  18. Excursion to the Turkish bath from Hurghada
  19. Water sports excursions in Hurghada
  20. Sightseeing tours in Hurghada

Hurghada Excursions

If you’re looking for the best places to visit when travelling from Hurghada, you’re in the right place. Before we talk in-depth about the beautiful scenic destinations and bubbling city life that awaits you, it’s first worth mentioning the type of excursions on offer.

Not all travel packages are the same – this is something that the travel experts at Landious Travel are well aware of. All tourists have different budgets and preferences regarding how they travel and who they travel with. That’s why Landious Travel has put together three well-designed and thought-out excursion deals, so let’s take a closer look.

Group Excursions

When looking for the best places to visit from Hurghada, the cheapest way to explore the surrounding areas is to book a group excursion. This type of excursion deal will use vehicles such as buses or boats, and there will be many other tourists present for you to chat with and enjoy the ride with. Many other tourists on this excursion will come from different areas and hotels around Hurghada and the neighbouring resorts. Group excursions in Hurghada provide tourists with the perfect budget-friendly solution when it comes to seeing the sights and partaking in activities.

Individual Excursions

On the opposite side of the scale, you will find luxurious individual excursions. For those seeking to find the best places to travel from Hurghada without the noise and chaos of other tourists, personal tours offer a peaceful and private solution allowing you to travel comfortably without wasting time waiting for other passengers. Typically the vehicles used on individual excursions are smaller and may include limousines, minibuses, or boats. The tour is more expensive than the alternatives but offers you privacy and comfort.

Minibus Excursions

Lastly, the pros at Landious Travel have recently developed a third option to allow tourists to see the sights and partake in activities more comfortably, but without the higher price tag. Minibus trips are a happy medium between the group and individual excursions and offer small groups a brilliant way to travel from Hurghada. Look out for trips for small groups if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to go to some of the best places to visit from Hurghada.

Best Activities in Egypt

Explore the great pyramid of Giza

One of the best things to do in Egypt is exploring the great pyramid of Giza, the last standing man-made wonder of the ancient world. The pyramids are on the western side of the River Nile and comprise three main pyramids.

Ancient Egyptians dedicated the largest pyramid to Khufu; the other two are the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Pyramid of Khafre, respectively, the later kings.

Sail Down the Nile on a Felucca

Sailing down the Nile River on a felucca with your partner is one of the most fun things to do in Egypt. Felucca is a traditional wooden sailboat that gives you the natural feel of Egypt. You can chill out on the deck, swim alongside the riverbank, relax under the canvas roof or sunbathe in the prow.

It is an authentic sailing experience where you can enjoy cocktails and scrumptious dinner on board and be a part of the Nubian party with the crew members.

Visit the Great Sphinx of Giza

You can’t bid goodbye to Egypt without visiting the Great Sphinx of Giza, a colossal limestone statue of a sphinx with a head of a human and a lion’s body. This Egyptian antiquity is the largest and oldest sculpture in the world. Ancient Egyptians constructed it to guard Giza’s pyramids, namely the Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaura. The archaeologists claim that this imposing sculpture once had a long beard, which eventually crumbled due to natural sand erosion.

Go Scuba Diving at Hurghada

Spike up your adrenaline level by enjoying scuba diving at Hurghada, a small fishing village in Egypt. You’ll meet a lot of colourful fish and corals while diving here. Certified divers can opt for daily diving, and inexperienced divers can opt for intro diving.

You can also enjoy underwater photography while diving here because of the beautiful wrecks and good visibility.

Get a birds-eye view from Cairo Tower

One of the best activities in Egypt is having a birds-eye view of the city from Cairo Tower, the tallest free-standing North African structure. It is known for its revolving restaurant and observation deck, which sit on the top of the tower.

One floor down from the observation deck, you’ll find the Sky Window café that serves lip-smacking drinks and food.

Spend the day at the Egyptian Museum

If you wish to glimpse the intricate cultural and social dynamics of Egypt, you should visit Egyptian Museum. It is a fine example of an engineering marvel and displays a rare collection of five thousand years of art.

In the nineteenth century, this museum was founded by Auguste Mariette, a French Egyptologist, and houses the most valuable collection of its kind in the entire world. Walking through this Egyptian museum, you’ll witness its treasures, old pharaohs’ life tools, mummies, thrones, and masks.

Take a Qarun Lake Boat Ride

One of the best family-friendly activities in Egypt is taking a Qarun lake boat ride. While enjoying this boat ride, you can absorb the breathtaking views and appreciate nature. A guide will accompany you to let you know more about the local attractions and culture during this trip.

You can also enjoy bird watching while sailing the boat, as the lake is an important bird area where migratory birds rest during winter.

Visit the Aquarium Grotto Garden

One of the most exciting things to do in Egypt is a stroll through the aquarium grotto, the only fish garden in Cairo. The garden houses beautiful caves that once featured several aquariums with beautiful fish.

It has ceramic fountains, a lush green garden, and birds and ducks. While strolling through this garden, you’ll feel like you’re in a classic Egyptian film as it has green scenery and colourful and rare fish.

Take a Guided Tour of The Egypt Papyrus Museum

Learn more about Egyptian history and culture by taking a guided tour of the Egypt papyrus museum, which displays over twenty-six thousand ancient Egyptian artefacts. It is the oldest museum dedicated to ancient Egypt and spans four floors of the Palace of the Academy of Science.

The collection includes a papyrus collection, human mummies, and the Gallery of Kings, a statuary collection dramatically lit by award-winning designer Dante Ferretti.

Visit the Red and Bent Pyramid

One of the best things to do in Egypt is to visit the Red and Bent Pyramids, renowned for their architectural brilliance. Pharaoh Sneferu built the Bent and Red pyramids in 2613-2598 BC. The bent pyramid has a bent structure and a smooth finish, and it houses The Mortuary Temple in the eastern part.

A unique thing about this pyramid is that it contains original limestone covering. The red pyramid rises beautifully out of the vast desert with nothing around to obstruct its view.

Explore Luxor Temple and Museum at Night

Your Egyptian itinerary can’t be complete if you don’t plan to visit Luxor Temple and Museum in the wee hours. The Luxor Temple is a beautiful Egyptian temple complex situated on the east bank of the River Nile.

The temple is well-preserved, with large structures, relief carvings, and statuaries, making it the most impressive site in Egypt. It has a brilliantly displayed collection of antiquities dating from the Mamluk period to the end of the Old Kingdom. The light and sound show isorganisedanised here at night.

Visit Royal Jewelry Museum

If you’re a fan of Egyptian royal families and want to glimpse their valuable treasures, you should visit the Royal Jewelry Museum. It is the largest museum in Egypt, with a surface area of around four thousand hundred and eighty-five meters.

The museum is located in the Princess Fatema El Zahraa palace and has more than a thousand displays, including Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik’s collection. You can also witness golden watches and clocks, Turkish, European, and Egyptian insignias decorated with diamonds and gold, and four thousand Roman, Persian, Coptic and, Byzantine coins.

Climb Mount Sinai For a Sunset View

One of the most exciting things to do in Egypt is climb Mount Sinai to view the breathtaking sunrise from the summit. Mount Sinai is one of the most sacred places in the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish religions because it is where a covenant was established between Jesus and his people.

You can also use a camel to climb the summit if you’re not physically fit. There are many “cafés” on the way up, so you can take a break and have tea, coffee, water or snacks.

Take in the Beauty of the Valley of the Kings

If you wish to know about Egypt’s ancivilisationsation that was buried hundreds of years ago, you should visit the Valley of the Kings. The Valley has about sixty-three tombs of different rulers, queens, and pharaohs, starting from Thutmose I and ending with Ramses XI.

Deir el-Medina village workers decorated the tombs inside this Valley decorated the , who came here from different routes over the Theban hills.

Visit Avenue of Sphinxes

Visiting the Avenue of Sphinxes, a crucial commercial site in Luxor, is considered one of the top things to do in Egypt. It connects Karnak and the temples of Luxor, and the kings and queens used to walk between them.

Around one thousand three hundred fifty sphinx statues lined the road in the ancient period. During the Opet festival, the Egyptians paraded along this avenue carrying Mut and Amun statues in a symbolic reenactment of their marriage.

Take a Cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave

One of the top things to do in Egypt is taking a cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave, renowned for its spectacular natural formations, patterns, and colours. It is a karst cave created by the percolation of groundwater through the limestone of the Galala Plateau.

The cave spans an area of seven hundred meters, with a depth of 15m and a width of 15m. When light is shone on the caves’ roofs, they glitter due to excess calcium carbonate deposition.

Visit the Most Popular Islamic Mosque, The Mosque of Mohamed Ali

Even if you’re a non-believer, your hand will magically rise and unite in prayer as you visit the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, an emblem of the city’s geography and cultural identity. It is the largest and the most popular Ottoman mosque built in the 19th century.

This holy wonder celebrates the Islamic faith and Islamic artistry and craftsmanship. The mosque’s courtyard is impressive, and its substantial central fountain and forty-seven arched doorways give it a palatial and regal look.

Visit the Oldest Church of Egypt, The Hanging Church

If you’re a religious soul seeking enlightenment, one of the best things to do in Egypt is to visit The Hanging Church. It is the most beautiful and oldest Egyptian church, with a marble pulpit, icons, and murals. It is known as The Hanging Church because it was erected on the ruins of two ancient towers that were part of an old fortress called the Fortress of Babylon.

It contains one hundred and ten marvellous icons representing Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, St Peters, John the Baptist, and many other archangels like Michael and Gabriel.

Visit the crazy Khan El Khalili bazaar

Bargain your way to get a great deal at Khan El Khalili bazaar, a famous souq in Cairo’s historic centre. It is known to be the oldest open-air market in Egypt, with several perpendicular streets and massive gates.

You can find Egyptian souvenirs, gifts, crafts, jewellery, clothing, and unique home decor here. There are many coffee shops lined along the street where you can jolt down for a strong cup of coffee.

Have a Coffee at El- Fishawy Cafe

Get your caffeine fix at El- Fishawy Café, renowned for its peaceful décor, breathtaking interiors, and peaceful vibes. It is the oldest coffee shop in Egypt, where cabbies, shopkeepers, and artisans drop in every morning for a wake-up pot of coffee or tea.

Everything here gives you a feel of traditional Egyptian social style, from the battered mirror frames to the classic menu and the servers shouting their orders to the kitchen.

Watch the Statue of Ramesses II

One of the best things to do in Egypt is to admire the statue of Ramesses II, a three thousand two-hundred-year-old figure. Ramses II was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty who ruled over Egypt around three thousand years ago.

The massive eleven-meter statue was unveiled at the Luxor Temple after being restored from fifty-seven broken pieces. It weighs 75 tonnes, is made from red granite and limestone, and shows Ramesses II as a mighty warrior and a beneficent ruler.

Watch Opera or Theatre in Egypt at Cairo Opera House

To have a memorable theatrical experience, you should watch an opera at the Cairo opera house. It is a grand theatre near Aberdeen Royal Palace, richly appointed with silk-covered walls, velvet-upholstered chairs, and Oriental carpets.

Performances of operatic, symphonic works and ballet are staged here with Egyptian companies or in association with soloists.

Take a Walk Through the Petrified Forest Protected Area

If you wish to know about the natural heritage of Egypt, you should take a walk through the petrified forest protected area. It is a distinct educational, tourist, and cultural site that aims to protect the petrified fossils.

This natural reserve fossilisedilised mammals, plants, fruit, and flowers from nearly every geological period. It is also home to distinct reptiles, rare plants, birds, and animals like the red fox.

Spend Hours Touring The Abdeen Palace

One of the best things to do in Egypt is to tour the Abdeen Palace, which served as the President of Egypt’s workplace. It is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in terms of its paintings, decoration, and clocks, decorated with gold.

The former palace has a series of extraordinary museums having a wonderful collection of gifts given by different rulers. It also features an extensive collection of medals and weapons, including guns, cannons, and knives.

Visit Al-Rifa’i Mosque

Immerse yourself spiritually by visiting Al-Rifa’i Mosque, a royal mausoleum for the royal family. It is the largest mosque in Cairo that exhibits different Islamic architectural styles.

The mosque houses tombs of royal family members and has four decorated facades and a towering minaret capped with an ornate dome. It has a large hall and shrines of Yahya al-Ansari and Ali Abi-Shubbak.

Do a Quad Bike ATV ride in The Open Desert of the Giza Pyramids

One of the fun things to do in Egypt for a heart-pumping adrenaline rush is doing a Quad Bike ATV ride in Giza Pyramids’ open desert. Certified and professional guides power four-wheel-drive SUVs straight up and over dunes.

You will race your way up and down the dunes as you cruise into the vast desert and take in the stunning views of the Pyramids. On weekends and holidays, the motorists make it a desert adventure showing their excellent bike riding talent in the dunes.

Experience Something Unique at The Grand Egyptian Museum

Go back in time and navigate the story of Ancient Egypt by visiting The Grand Egyptian Museum, which displays the richest cultural heritages. Upon entry into the atrium, you will find sculpture gardens in the museum’s park and Ramses II’s statue.

The main galleries have been divided into four eras: Predynastic, Old Kingdom, the New Kingdom, and Prehistory. It pays homage to Ancient Egyptian treasures and history, hosting around 100,000 artefacts belonging to King Tutankhamun.

Visit Wadi Hitan National Park

One of the best things to do in Egypt is to visit Wadi Hitan National Park, a paleontological site demonstrating whales’ evolution. It is situated in the ‘Whale Valley’ nature reserve, which is called so because whale fossils are found here.

The remains display the streamlined body form of primitive and modern whales and provide insight into how the whales get around. In 2005, this national park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enjoy The Sound and Light Show of The Giza Pyramids

One of the best activities in Egypt is to enjoy the Giza Pyramids’ sound and light show that offers visitors a completely different experience. This is a one-hour show in which the artists skillfully present images of historical eras.

Images are projected onto the ancient monuments, and you undertake a narrated journey of the history of Egypt through the dramatic combination of lights, music, and storytelling.

Explore the Giza Solar Boat Museum

One of the best things to do in Egypt is explored Giza Solar Boat Museum, dedicated to displaying the reconstructed solar ship Khufu. The Egyptians had disassembled each piece of this boat like a giant puzzle, but modern-day archaeologists have reassembled this boat using ancient methods.

The museum has been constructed in a way that enables you to view the boat from three different levels on three floors. On the ground floor, you can view the bottom part of the boat.

Go Cycling on The West Bank of Luxor

For an up-close and intimate view of new places in Egypt, peddling your way around the west bank of Luxor should be your ideal choice. You’ll enjoy panoramic views and learn about the lesser-known local stops while enjoying the ride.

The West Bank’s cycling excursion will include the Tombs of the Theban rulers and the Temple of Hatshepsut. If you want to go cycling with your group, you can rent bicycles for the day from various west bank shops.

Visit The Karnak Temple and Temple of Seti

Get ready for spiritual upliftment by visiting the Karnak temple and the temple of Seti, renowned for their breathtaking architecture and religious significance. Karnak is the most significant religious complex in the world, spanning an area of 100 hectares.

The temple of Seti is also known as the Temple of Abydos, the leading historical site in Abydos. It exhibits the Abydos, Aramaic and ancient Phoenician graffiti on the temple walls.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Nile River

Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Nile river should be one of the best things to do in Egypt as it gives you a chance to have a 360-degree view of Egypt’s gorgeous landscape. This dreamiest excursion offers some sights and makes you feel the cool breeze.

The balloon ride will last for about sixty minutes, and you’ll be taken up to a height of around 4000 feet. After a safety briefing and a detailed introduction to your pilot and ground crew, you will climb into the balloon basket and get ready for lift-off.

Walkthrough, The Valley of Artisans

If you wish to learn about the lives of the ancient Egyptians, you should walk through the Valley of artisans. It is a World Heritage Site that sits on the West Bank of the River Nile and gives a glimpse into the lives of the workers who built the famous royal graves in the area.

It also has a small temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddesses of truth and love; the village remains, and tombs. Luxor’s best artwork, artisans’ living quarters, and tombs can be seen in this area.

Learn About the Colossi of Memnon Statues

End your search for the best things to do in Egypt by witnessing the Colossi of Memnon statues on the Nile River’s west bank. These enormous statues of eighteenth Dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep III were designed to guard the mortuary temple.

They were erected in the Theban Necropolis in 1350 BC and were carved out of the sandstone transported from El Gabal El-Ahmar.

Explore Mummies at Mummification Museum

If you want to know about the mummification process that the Egyptians were masters in, you should visit Mummification Museum. It has a Mummy room that houses Ramses II’s mummy, the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut, and other famous royal mummies.

The objects used for mummification, information on the items that used to be buried along with the dead, and mummies of both animals and humans are the things you can find in this museum.

Visit Karnak Open Air Museum

If you wish to know about the lives of the people from bygone years, you should visit Karnak Open Air Museum. It is an archaeological museum that features the reconstruction of hidden or buried structures inside the many towers in the complex.

At the museum’s perimeter, you will see beautifully decorated temples of goddesses, gods, and pharaohs.

Visit the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

Whether you wish to reignite your faith or feel close to God, you should visit the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. It is one of the oldest churches in the world, founded by Saint Mark, the writer of the Gospel of the New Testament.

The church is considered an architectural masterpiece owing to its artistic treasures and intricate mosaic floors.

Take a Walk in The Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Library in Alexandria

If you’re a diehard bibliophile looking to enhance the horizon of your knowledge, you should visit The Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is a massive cultural centre and library located on the Mediterranean Sea’s shores in Alexandria, Egypt.

It celebrates the artistry of its makers and the treasured collection through brilliant architecture, innovative design, and dynamic ceiling frescoes. The library has two prominent museums, the Antiquities Museum and the manuscript museum, and a Science centre called the Planetarium.

Boating at the Shore of Alexandria

One of the most romantic things in Egypt is boating at the Shore of Alexandria with your sweetheart to create picture-perfect moments. While boating here, you can soak in the picturesque views and witness the beautiful birds that flock here in the winter.

You’ll also be accompanied by a guide explaining the local culture and traditions.

Take a Trip to Alexandria National Museum

Immersing yourself in Egypt’s rich culture and history by visiting the Alexandria national museum is considered one of the best activities to do in Egypt. Alexandria museum houses a well-labelled and impressive collection of antiquities.

Located in a renovated colonial palace, the museum houses granite sculptures, ancient Egyptian tombs, Greek stonemasonry, Islamic clothing, and Roman mosaics. The three-story museum exhibits 1,800 artefacts covering the Hellenic, Roman, Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic periods.

Explore the Citadel of Qaitbay or The Fort of Qaitbay

Get a taste of the royal lifestyle by exploring the Citadel of Qaitbay, a fifteenth-century defensive fortress on the Mediterranean seacoast.

It was established by Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa’it Bay in 1477 AD to protect the city from the invasion of Crusaders. The castle is square-shaped with a hundred-and-fifty-meter area surrounded by the sea from each side.

Explore Pompey’s Pillar

One of the top things to do in Egypt is to explore Pompey’s Pillar, a High Potential Historic Site located on the Clark and Lewis National Historic Trail.

It is a one hundred and fifty feet tall sedimentary rock formation founded in 1907 and is best known for the inscription of William Clark’s name. The sphinxes surrounding the granite column add a magical aura to the sight.

Have Dinner with the Nubians

One of the best activities in Egypt is relishing the local cuisines with the Nubians at Nubian village. Nubians are Black people with laid-back, restful, and calm natures.

You can go to the Nubian house and enjoy a barbeque dinner with your friends. After that, you can also sip a coffee or tea from Nubian ladies.

Discover the Beauty of Underwater in the Blue Hole of Dahab

Whether you wish to witness the spectacular marine life or dive in the crystal clear water, you should visit the blue hole of Dahab. Known for its stunning marine life, unique topography, and deadly stories, the blue hole of Dahab is a breathtaking diving spot in Egypt.

It is a tiny hole in the ocean floor of the Red Sea with a massive abundance of fish and wild corals. It is a treat for snorkelers, freedivers, and divers as it is easily accessible and has few waves and currents.

Visit St.Catherine’s Monastery

If you wish to glimpse the Christian world and its origin, you should visit St.Catherine’s Monastery. It is known to be the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the world, having the largest libraries of manuscripts.

The monastery features the oldest known surviving roof truss, and its main entrance is marked by a large door that is 1,400 years old.

Enjoy a Walk-in at Dahab’s Eel Garden

Enjoy a walk-in Dahab’s Eel Garden in a world that surpasses your wildest imaginations. It is a breathtaking diving site having a huge population of Garden eels.

It also houses plenty of Blue-spotted stingrays, thornback trunkfish, and colourful coral reefs. This site is also perfect for photography and snorkelling.

See Coloured Canyon – A Rock Formation on the Sinai Peninsula

One of the most exciting things to do in Egypt is the colourful mineral deposits of rich rocks within the coloured Canyon on the Sinai Peninsula.

The Sinai Peninsula lies hidden beneath the Red Sea’s surface, and as the waters recede, they carve out massive grooves on the surface of the land, resulting in Colored Canyon. You can click pictures, hike, climb the mountains, and observe the sunset at the coloured Canyon.

Soar Over the Great Sand Sea During a Hot Air Ballooning Experience

Take a flight into the endless stretches of the vast sky like a bird as you enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the Great Sand Sea.

This fantastic ride will offer you a serene and safe flight over a patchwork of orchards, undulating hills, vineyards, and lush green farms. The ride is for forty-five minutes and allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Take a Jeep Safari Ride in The White Desert in Farafra

One of the best activities in Egypt is enjoying a jeep safari ride in the rugged and sandy area of the white desert in Farafra. The different rock shapes formed by the strong winds are surreal, especially at sunset or sunrise; they take on a pale pink tint or warm yellow glow.

While enjoying the jeep safari ride here, you can interact with the locals and appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Relax Around The Magic Lake in Fayoum

One of the best things to do in Egypt to reboot your tired soul is to relax around the Magic lake in Fayoum. This magical lake changes its colours several times during the day, depending on how much sunlight it receives and the time of year. You can also witness an eye-catching sunset around the lake.

Buy Ornaments Made of Great Sand Sea Glass from The Libyan Desert

End your search for the best things to do in Egypt by buying ornaments made of the Great Sand Sea Glass of the Libyan Desert. Great Sand Sea glass is an impactite found in western Egypt and the deserts of eastern Libya, and it is used to make souvenirs and jewellery.

You can shop for Great Sand Sea Glass ornaments at the local stores and shopping malls in Egypt.

Check out Fjord Bay and Saladin Citadel in Taba

One of the best things to do in Egypt is to check out Fjord Bay and Saladin Citadel, the prominent attractions in Taba. The Fjord Bay is a spectacular diving spot with unforgettable scenery and dazzling coral reefs. You can also enjoy camping, swimming, and fishing over here.

Saladin Citadel is the most popular non-pharaonic monument in the world, with high defending walls and towers and large imposing gateways. The fortress houses three mosques and the impressive Gawhara Palace.

Explore The Fortress of Shali in Siwa Oasis

Step back in time as you wander through the beautiful fortress of Shali in Siwa Oasis. Shali Fortress was completed in 1203, perched atop a hill in Siwa Oasis.

It was originally five stories high and housed thousands of people, but it got damaged due to torrential rain, and thus people were shifted elsewhere. You can climb up to the top of this fortress to witness breathtaking views of the oasis and its surroundings.

Eat Koushari, a Famous Dish Served at Koshary Lux

Your trip to Egypt won’t be complete if you don’t try Koushari at Koshary Lux. Koshary is made of macaroni, lentils, and rice, mixed and topped with tomato sauce and vinegar, and garnished with crispy fried onions and chickpeas.

You can try this unique dish at Koshary Lux, a vibrant and trendy restaurant with colourful interiors and charming décor. Along with Koushari, you can also try sparkling drinks and other local cuisines here.

Trips in Sharm El-Sheikh

Choosing to holiday in the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh reveals almost another list of excursion programs. For example, several excursionorganisedanised within territories of the city itself, on the Sinai Peninsula, and in well-known Egyptian towns. Besides, there is a possibility of visiting the neighbouring countries, e.g. Jordan and Israel.

For convenience, we organise the trips in Sharm El-Sheikh under the following categories:

  • Historical excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh. This sightseeing activity allows you to visit the monuments in the Sinai Peninsula, the cities in the Nile Valley, and the monuments in the nearby countries, e.g. the monuments in Israel and Jordan.
  • Sea trips in Sharm El-Sheikh. Holidaying in the fantastic resort of Sharm El-Sheikh opens the colourful marine world for you. It is an ideal place to go snorkelling or diving.

Trips in Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam would mean an excellent chance to enjoy a colourful sea with more marine creatures. At the same time, the location of this resort makes it easier to see the monuments in the southern part of the country. Thus, it will be easy to do some sightseeing at this resort.

We encourage you to see the activities in Marsa Alam by clicking the following link:

Trips in Cairo

You get an excellent opportunity to do many activities and things while staying in Cairo. This city hosts the Egyptian museum, the Citadel of Saladin, many old mosques, and early Christian attractions. No wonder you can pay a visit to the great pyramids in Giza, the ancient Egyptian tombs, and the pyramid of Josser in Sakkara! Certainly, Cairo has a lot to offer to tourists and business people.

For your convenience, we , categorise our services under the following category:

Historical excursions from Hurghada

Historical excursions in Egypt are among the favourite ones for tourists. The reason is that Egypt is famous for its ancient Egyptian monuments. These impressive monuments and sights are spread all over the country. Also, Egypt has a lot of Christian and Islamic sites. We do direct our trips to all these exciting places.

Excursion to Luxor-Valley of Queens from Hurghada

Luxor has numerous attractions that pharaohs built during the ancient Egyptian periods. As soon as tourists go for a rest in Egypt, the dream of seeing the most amazing Ancient Egyptian temples in this city becomes more realistic. To fulfil this dream, tourists book a trip to Luxor. One of the most popular programs in Luxor is the “excursion to Luxor – the Valley of the Queens from Hurghada”. During this excursion program, tourists visit several ancient Egyptian temples:

Such a program guarantees to see the most glorious temple in the city of the Living – the Temple of Karnak. Also, it allows seeing the statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep, the beautiful temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Queens in the city of the Dead.

Excursion to Luxor – Valley of Kings from Hurghada

“Excursion to Luxor – Valley of the Kings from Hurghada” is not very different from the excursion to the Valley of the Queens – both trips allow our tourists to see the sights in Luxor. Only the Valley of the Kings program provides an opportunity to see the most extensive and impressive tombs. The ancient Egyptians built these tombs for the burial of the pharaohs of Egypt. Choosing the Valley of the Kings will allow you to visit the following places:

The Valley of the King’s trip is more expensive than the Valley of the Kings as the entrance ticket costs more.

Excursion to Luxor-Dendera from Hurghada

The excursion to Luxor and Dendera from Hurghada is considered one of the most intense excursions to Egyptian sightseeing destinations. During this trip, tourists can visit the temples in the two cities. In Luxor, there is a possibility to visit ancient Egyptian temples. While, in the town of Qena – exactly, in the Dendera district, the Greco-Roman temples can be seen. The program to Luxor-Dendera includes the following visits:

Although this program includes visiting two cities, the excursion is just for one day, making it more possible to choose.

Excursion to Cairo-Giza from Hurghada

The trip is the most popular among tourists, making it possibrealiseealise the childhood dream of see the pyramids. Tourists and tour operators gave this trip different names: “excursion to Cairo”, “excursion to the pyramids”, and “excursion to Cairo-pyramids”. Fundamentally, tourists visit two cities – Cairo and Giza. In Cairo, you can see the Egyptian Museum. While in Giza, the great pyramids and Sphinx. Therefore, we choose the name “excursion to Cairo-Giza from Hurghada” to answer an important question: will we see the pyramids? In which city can we see them? The program in Cairo-Giza includes the following visits:

While holidaying in Hurghada, visiting the world’s most impressive sights cannot be missed!

Excursion to Cairo-Alexandria from Hurghada

It is fascinating to visit the northern cities of Egypt! The “excursion to Cairo and Alexandria from Hurghada” allows for seeing an extensive collection of attractions. These sights were built in different eras of Egyptian history. On the first day of the excursion program, tourists watch the ancient Egyptian views in Cairo and Giza. It is possible to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which has an extensive collection of old Egyptian exhibits. Giza’s most famous monuments are the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx. On the second day of the Alexandria excursion program, visitors get enough time to visit a rich collection of other attractions. The most famous visits are aimed at getting to the Greco-Roman, Islamic, and Modern Royal sites. The trip program includes the following destinations:

  • Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
  • Three pyramids and Sphinx in Giza.
  • Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria.
  • Palace of the King of Egypt and Pharos Lighthouse.
  • Fort of Qaitbay.
  • Alexandria library.
  • And Abu Abbas Mosque.

Cultural and Religious excursions from Hurghada

Excursion to the monasteries of St. Anthony and Paul from Hurghada

So early Christianity appeared in Egypt! St. Mark preached in the country in the first century of our era. It turned out that Egypt now has such a long history of Christianity! The monasteries found everywhere in the country reveal a lot about the Christian history of Egypt. The very first monastery built in Egypt and worldwide is the monastery of St. Anthony. Our company goes organises anises an excursion called:

  • Excursion to the monasteries of St. Anthony and Paul from Hurghada.

By choosing this trip, tourists can see two monasteries -the monastery of St. Anthony and St. Paul.

Sea excursions in Hurghada

Sea excursions inside the city

Boat trips to nearby resorts

Diving Sea Trip in Hurghada

Scuba diving in Hurghada is a very preferred sea trip! This trip attracts tourists of any experience. Beginners can go diving, as well as experienced scuba divers. On all our boats, practical instructions are given at the beginning of the trip, and a diving specialist accompanies you underwater. The trip program includes:

  • Diving underwater twice in different sea spots.
  • Also, the opportunity to swim with masks and flippers.

Our company provides courses for experienced scuba divers for 2-3 days, safari tours for several days, or a whole stay on board a safari boat.

Excursion to Giftun Island in Hurghada

Fortunately, there are several islands near the coast of Hurghada. The most famous of them is the Island of Giftun. Sometimes, they roughly call it “Paradise Island”. Therorganiseganise a sea trip for the whole day. The boat trip to Giftun Island allows you to enjoy the following points:

  • Sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • Swimming in the open sea.
  • Also, landing on the island itself.

The island attracts a large number of tourists because it is located nearby. Also, it is considered an entertainment option with a low cost in Hurghada.

Excursion to Dolphin-House in Hurghada

In the warm waters of the Red Sea do live these slim and gentle sea mammals – dolphins. They gather in large numbers in a place named “Dolphin Bay”. The sea trip to the Bay of Dolphins in Hurghada is the only choice to swim in the open sea with these lovely creatures. The program includes various points:

  • Swimming with dolphins in the open ocean.
  • And riding a banana boat and sofa water toys.

Undoubtedly, choosing to go to the Bay of Dolphins fulfils the childhood dream of swimming with dolphins for affordable prices.

Excursion on semi-submarine in Hurghada

Vacation tourists with children constantly ask where to spend time with children. Undoubtedly, the excursion to the semi-submarine in Hurghada attracts families with young children. Also, it attracts tourists who are afraid to swim in the open sea. The trip program provides various options that match the majority of tourists:

  • In the first place, observe the underwater world on board the semi-submarine.
  • In second place is snorkelling with masks and flippers.

Tourists do not need to spend much time on a submarine. The trip usually takes three hours, which allows you to spend the rest of the day doing other things.

Excursion to the submarine in Hurghada

The submarine Sinbad in Hurghada is considered the only option to see fish and beautiful coral reefs on board the submarine at a depth of 25 meters. Submarine Sinbad plunges into the depths, and tourists can easily watch the underwater world. The trip attracts all tourists. Suitable for families with children. The trip program includes two main points:

  • Sea picnic to the submarine.
  • Then, watching the underwater world on board Sindbad Submarine.

Excursion to Paradise Beach from Hurghada

There are several islands off the coast of Hurghada. The most famous of them is the island of Giftun. Sometimes they call it “Paradise Island”. It is necessary to consider that the name “Paradise Island” refers to the program, where more amenities are on the island’s beach. In comparison, “Giftun” refers to fewer opportunities for tourists to get to the island and more time to spend on a boat. A trip to Paradise Beach on Giftun Island allows you to: there weorganiseganise a sea trip for the whole day.

  • Enjoy a sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • And swimming in the open sea with masks and flippers.
  • Also, getting on the island for three hours.
  • Attending an oriental show on the beach.
  • Moreover, riding a banana boat and sofa water toys.

Undoubtedly, tourists who choose Paradise Beach to get enough amenities and get more services:

  • Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.
  • Slides for children.
  • Toilets on the beach
  • Lunch on the island itself.
  • And a buffet with a rich menu.

Excursion to Utopia Island from Hurghada

In the resort of Safaga, there is a small sandy island called Utopia. A large number of our tourists like to visit this island. The reasons are different why there is a motivation to go there! The main reason is that the sea nature in this resort is warmer than in Hurghada. In the second place, the air temperature is warm in winter as the island is located in a bay. The excursion to Utopia island from Hurghaorganisedanised daily. The program includes the following points:

  • Sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • Then, swimming in the open sea.
  • Still fishing.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to get yourself on the island.

Excursion to El-Gouna from Hurghada

The resort town of El-Gouna has gained an international reputation. The place became known by the name “Egyptian Venice” because it was built to be similar to the Italian city “Of Venice”. Our coorganisesanises a wonderful “excursion to El-Gouna from Hurghada”. We believe that the program in El-Gouna is a rich one with many entertainment points:

  • Sea picnic at the Red Sea on a luxury boat.
  • Moreover, swimming and fishing in the open sea.
  • Also, we make sea and pedestrian walk around the resort itself.

Excursion to Sharm El-Naga from Hurghada

There are several bays in Safaga where sea nature is vibrant. The most famous of them is the bay of Sharm El-Naga. Our coorganisesanises a beautiful excursion in the national park “Sharm El-Naga”. Our tourists spend their time on the beach of this park, where they can get all the needed facilities to have a nice day comfortably. Undoubtedly, there are several reasons why you should go there:

  • First, tourists spend time on the beach, where the most beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures are a few steps from you.
  • Secondly, you do not need to sail on a boat to see the underwater world. Directly from the coast, tourists can swim, where the most beautiful sea nature is on the beach.
  • Thirdly, tourists get the services they need while on the beach: umbrellas, deck chairs and lunch with a rich menu.

Desert Safari trips in Hurghada

Quad biking for three hours in Hurghada

One of the favourite excursions in Hurghada is the Moto-Safari for three hours. Tourists in large numbers book such an excursion for several reasons. First, it allows tourists to ride quad bikes for a long time and have more fun. Typically, tourists ride these quad bikes for 50 km with a short pause during the trip. Secondly, it does not last so long _ about 3-4 hours. In the third place, everything happens in a desert nature. So, the trip allows you to see the sand, hills, and Bedouins in the Eastern desert. Therefore, the program includes the following:

  • Quad biking.
  • Additionally, camel riding.

Quad biking for five hours in Hurghada

Choosing a Moto-Safari excursion for five hours allows tourists to enjoy quad biking as in the program for three hours. The exception is that we dedicate the five-hour program to visiting the Bedouins and watching the oriental dances. More details on the five-hour trip:

  • Riding a quad bike at a distance of 50 km.
  • Then, camel riding.
  • After that, visit the terrarium.
  • Also, Bedouin village.
  • In the village, tourists get time for oriental dances and lunch.

Excursion Mega-Safari in Hurghada

The operators gave many names for evening safari excursions. For example, Super Safari, Safari Discovery, Badawi and many others. Well, what is the difference? What are the good programs? Undoubtedly, the Mega-Safari trip from Hurghada is the best among all evening programs.

Regarding the programs, as mentioned earlier, tourists spend little time on quad bikes while riding at the gathering. Tourists ride next to the place where you sit on a quad bike. They will not reach the Bedouin village on these quad bikes but on jeeps. These services and programs are called “Super Safari”, “Safari Discovery”, and “Badawia”.

The Mega-Safari excursion differs significantly because tourists will reach the Bedouin village on quad bikes. It allows tourists to ride more and get many impressions. In more detail, the program includes:

  • Riding on quad bikes 50 km to Bedouin village.
  • After that, riding a buggy and camel.
  • Next, watching the terrarium.
  • And visiting the Bedouin village. In Bedouins, tourists have time for oriental dances and dinner.

Excursion Super Jeep-Safari in Hurghada

A jeep trip gives tourists more opportunities to see the desert. These powerful jeeps ride on the sand and stones and somewhere on the hills and mountains to see more desert. It is such an adventure! Excursion to the Jeep Safari in Hurghada attracts all tourists. The program includes various points:

  • Jeep rides for 50 km in the desert.
  • Then, camel riding and watching the terrarium.
  • After this, there will be a visit to a Bedouin village, where you know about the Bedouins’ traditions.
  • Undoubtedly, tourists get enough time for dinner and attending oriental dances.

Entertaining excursions in Hurghada

Excursion to the Grand Aquarium

In Hurghada, there are several aquariums. The aquarium buildings range from small to large ones with new display technology. Our coorganisesanises an excursion to the most developed one – Grand Aquarium. In the place itself, moreover, there is a zoo park. The program includes two main points:

  • Orientation of the aquarium with the guide
  • And, free time to see the aquarium and the zoo park

Excursion to the dolphinarium from Hurghada

Hurghada has a very large delphinium, where tourists have a lot of fun. The excursion to the delphinium from Hurghada allows you to see the most extensive marine mammals and take pictures with them. During the show, you can watch black and sea dolphins, northern fur seals, South American sea lions, and Pacific walruses. Tourists will find different answers to the question: where can we go with the children?

Excursion to the Jungle Waterpark in Hurghada

According to the development procession in Hurghada, water parks are located in almost all hotels. Only Jungle Waterpark is the biggest of them. Therorganiseganise our day trips. The Jungle Aqua Park contains many slides, _ 21 slides for adults and 14 slide games for children. On the territory of the water park, there are all kinds of pools.

Health & wellness excursions in Hurghada

Excursion to the Turkish bath from Hurghada

Our companyorganiseganise a bright excursion to the largest spa and wellness centre. This excursion program includes all the following procedures:

  • Sauna.
  • Massage.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • Hammam.
  • Steambath.
  • Also, Body scrub with foam and mask.

Water sports excursions in Hurghada

Parasailing trip in Hurghada

Flying over the water with a parachute is very attractive for tourists. This kind of sport was called – parasailing. During parasailing: a person is fixed, with the help of a long cable, to the moving vehicle and, thanks to the presence of a special parachute, soars through the air. Our program guarantees maximum height flying in one of Hurghada’s most beautiful places.

Sightseeing tours in Hurghada

As soon as our tourists fly to Hurghada, they desire to see the city. To fulfil this desire, they choose to go on city tours. After all, there are different excursion programs to explore the city. Undoubtedly, this gives tourists a chance to select the best programs and fulfil what they need through such excursions. Our company offers you several options for exploring the city:

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