Excursion to Luxor - Valley of Kings from Hurghada


Landious Travel Company is more tourist-friendly. We aim at helping tourists spend a nice vacation in Egypt. For this reason, we provide good service, and make sure that all our services are in affordable cost. The company offers you the most interesting and impressive excursions in Egypt. Tourists can book these excursions in all the cities and resorts of the country: we organize excursions in Hurghada, Marsa AlamSharm el-Sheikh, and Cairo. In the list of our excursions there are:

  • Group excursions in Egypt
  • Individual excursions in Egypt

Group excursions in Egypt

Tourists in Egypt choose our group excursions, as this type of excursions, in the first place, allows saving large sums spent on entertainments during the holiday stay. Usually, we organize these trips on big buses or on luxury yachts o cruises. Equally, our tourists receive the services for this type of excursions according to the in-advance agreed conditions. Fortunately, our company organizes such excursions in all cities and resorts of Egypt:

Excursions in Hurghada

While relaxing in the resort of Hurghada, you can choose to go on a number of activities:

  • Tourists enjoy our Historical excursions from Hurghada to other nearby cities with visits to various sights of Egypt. For example, attractions in Luxor, Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria.
  • Meanwhile, sea excursions in Hurghada cannot be avoided! Having decided to spend time at sea, the tourists go to nearby islands for diving and snorkeling.
  • Another main type of excursion is a desert safari tour in Hurghada. In the desert, we organize a variety of excursion programs on camels, buggies, quad bikes and jeeps.
  • The list of excursions is so extensive that it allows you to choose entertainment excursions in Hurghada _ excursions to water parks, dolphinarium and aquariums.
  • The hotels in Hurghada have sports halls, spa and wellness centers. Only in these hotels prices for this type of service are expensive. Fortunately, other places at a higher level and at affordable prices were built in Hurghada. There we organize our wellness excursions.
  • Usually, on the first day of stay with tourists, there is a desire to get to know the city. Undoubtedly, city tours of Hurghada realize such a desire.

Excursions in Sharm El-Sheikh

Choosing to holiday in the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh reveals almost another list of excursion programs. For example, there are several excursions that are organized in the city itself, on the Sinai Peninsula, and to the well-known Egyptian cities. In addition, there is a possibility to visit the neighboring countries _ Jordan, and Israel.

For your convenience, we organize the trips in Sharm El-Sheikh in the following categories:

  • Historical excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh. This sightseeing activity gives you the opportunity to visit the monuments in the Sinai Peninsula itself, in the cities located in the Nile Valley; and, moreover, the monuments located in the nearby countries e.g. the monuments in Israel and Jordan.
  • Sea trips in Sharm El-Sheikh. Holidaying in the amazing resort of Sharm El-Sheikh opens the colorful marine world for you. It is an ideal place to go snorkeling or diving.

Excursions in Marsa Alam

Being in Marsa Alam would mean that there is a good chance to enjoy a colorful sea with more marine creatures. In the same time, the location of this resort makes it easier to see the monuments which exist in the southern part of the country.

We encourage you to see the activities in Marsa Alam by clicking the following link:

Excursions in Cairo

Staying in Cairo, you get a great opportunity to do many activities and things. Certainly, Cairo has a lot to offer for tourists and businessmen. This city hosts the Egyptian museum, the Citadel of Saladin, big number of old mosques, and the early Christian attractions. No wonder, you can pay a visit to the great pyramids in Giza, the ancient Egyptian tombs, and the pyramid of Josser in Sakkara!

For your convenience, we categorize our services under the following category:

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