Excursion on Semi Submarine in Sharm El-Sheikh

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An interesting trip on the 2-deck semi-submarine boat in Sharm El Sheikh! The tour allows you to see the magnificent reefs and colorful fish of the Red Sea from inside the semi-submarine. The boat floats on the smooth waters in beautiful areas of the sea, and those sitting in the semi-submarine watch so comfortable underwater world. The boat itself is located on the surface of the water, while its bottom goes under water to a depth of 4 meters. Through the large panoramic windows, you can admire the Red Sea _ the lower deck is equipped with half meter panoramic windows to observe the underwater world.


A favorite sea trip on semi-submarine in Sharm El Sheikh! We recommend the trip because it allows tourists of any age to have a good time at the sea watching beautiful corals and a variety of fish. And also, enjoying a sea picnic through the Red Sea.

The main points of the excursion program on the semi-submarine

  • Sea picnic by the Read Sea
  • Observation of the underwater world from inside the semi-submarine

The program of excursion on the semi-submarine in Sharm El-Sheikh

  • Picking you up at approximately 10:00 from your hotel
  • After taking all comers, the bus goes to the port. The way to the port takes about 20 minutes
  • At the beginning of the excursion program, you will have a sea picnic by the Red Sea
  • Then, you go down to the ground floor to see fish and corals for about 45 minutes
  • On the way back to the port, you will, still, have the chance to see corals and fish.
  • This “Excursion on semi submarine in Sharm El-Sheikh” ends at approximately 13 00

What is included in the tour price

  • Transfer to the port, and back to the hotel

What is not included in the price of the trip

  • Video DVD
  • Also, Photo CD
What to take with you for the trip
  • Towel
  • Also, Sunscreen
Days of excursion organization
  • Daily from 010:00 – 14:00

1 review for Excursion on Semi Submarine in Sharm El-Sheikh

  1. Дмитрий

    На эту экскурсию ездили с женой. Очень понравилось. Сначала была прогулка по морю, корабль комфортабельный, находиться на нем очень комфортно и приятно. А когда мы спустились на первый этаж, жена у мен аж визжала, так как она не умеет нырять и панически боится воды, здесь она смогла в полной мере насладиться красотами красного моря и его прекрасным подводным миром. Огромные панорамные окна позволяют увидеть даже маленьких рыбешек. Поездка была очень позитивная, ребята старались во всем угодить, все очень понравилось, получили бурю эмоций и море впечатлений, очень довольны.

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