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Things to Do in Hurghada

Things to Do in Hurghada

Hurghada is Egypt’s coastal and famous resort on the Red Sea. It is one of the best places to stay for a winter sun-and-sea escape, with great sandy white beaches and blue skies throughout the year. Back on solid ground, the once-tiny fishing settlement of Hurghada has mushroomed into a resort city with attractions and amenities that cater directly to tourists. Offshore is the colourful underwater spectacle of the Red Sea’s marine life that first brought Hurghada worldwide attention. However, now, tourists enjoy several things to do in Hurghada.

While the main tourist attraction tends to be flopping on the Hurghada beaches, there are plenty more things to do in the sea, desert, or nearby cities.

Top Tourist Activities in Hurghada

For ideas, see our list of the top tourist attractions in Hurghada:

Hurghada Sightseeing Tours and Trips

Historical & Heritage excursions are major sightseeing activities you can do from Hurghada. The Hurghada Sightseeing Tours allow you to see the various sights spread all over Egypt. Widely, it provides you with many options to select from. For example, it will enable you to explore the attractions and monuments in Luxor and Aswan or Cairo and Alexandria.

Cairo Excursion from Hurghada

The Cairo tour from Hurghada is famous and attracts those who like to see the Great Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids. Indeed, it comes atop Hurghada Excursions to Cairo.

Valley of Kings Luxor Trip Hurghada

Several tourists like to visit the ancient Egyptian city, Thebes, where they can see its grand temples and famous Royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings. The Luxor tour, with the visit to the Valley of the Kings, comes equal to the one to the Giza Pyramids in the north of the country.

Sea Trips and Island Discovery

In general, sea excursions in Hurghada are a goal of all tourists! You cannot miss it! Having decided to spend time at sea, you can sail to nearby islands. Of course, you will enjoy nature and coral reefs, scuba diving, fishing or snorkelling. If your priority is beach and water recreation – go to one of the nearby islands. Indeed, it deserves to make a full-day snorkelling trip to GiftunShadwanUtopia Islands and Orange Bay Beach.

Orange Bay Trip Hurghada

The sea trip to Orange Bay in Hurghada includes a picnic across the Red Sea and a stop in the open sea for swimming and snorkelling with masks and fins. It is one of the popular snorkelling trips in Hurghada to the Giftun Islands.

Safari Adventures and Desert Nature Tours

Another primary type of excursion is the desert safari adventure in Hurghada. One of the most exotic and exciting destinations is a trip to the mountains to a Bedouin settlement with a guide. For tourists, this is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of the desert.

Landious Travel organises several camels, buggies, quad bikes, and jeeps in the desert. You will enjoy so much quad biking, camel riding and driving on the dunes with these great dune buggies!

Quad Biking Safari Hurghada

On the desert safari trip for Quad biking for three hours in Hurghada, you can enjoy quad biking for a long distance and camel riding, too! The trip allows you to get familiar with desert nature in Egypt and meet with the Bedouins!

Amusements and Leisure Trips

This type of excursion includes visiting water parks, dolphinariums and aquariums. The list of tours is long enough to allow you to choose the entertainment excursions in Hurghada you prefer. For example, you can enjoy watching the mammals show or swimming with dolphins in dolphinariums. At the same time, the aquariums allow you to see a collection of sea creatures.

Grand Aquarium Excursion Hurghada

On the entertaining excursion Aquarium in Hurghada, you visit the largest aquarium in the city – Grand Aquarium. Taking into consideration, this is not just an aquarium but an entertainment centre consisting of several sections: aquariums, outdoor pools, and an outdoor zoo.

Wellness and Spa Trips

The hotels in Hurghada have sports halls, spas and wellness centres. However, the hotel prices for this kind of service are high! For fortune, Hurghada provides different solutions to find these services at a higher level and affordable prices. Accordingly, we give you the best alternatives when organising our wellness excursions.

Spa Centre Excursion Hurghada

It is an excellent excursion for health improvement in the Spa Centre in Hurghada that relaxes both body and mind!

Attractions Discovery and Things to Do in Hurghada

In Hurghada, many places can be of interest to tourists. It is still worth joining a group city tour to feel the oriental flavour and the contrast between the ideal world of hotels and the real life of an Egyptian city.

The main attraction of the city is the 40-meter Central Mosque. The mosque rises in the old district of the town, where the Arab-African flavour is still apparent. Nearby there is a Coptic church and various administrative buildings.

Of course, the city tours by Hurghada can realise the desire to discover the attractions and sights in this city.

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