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Cairo among the Top 100 Tourist Destinations 2021

Cairo among the Top 100 Tourist Destinations 2021

Egyptian tourist destinations were able to attract millions of tourists, and not only that, these destinations managed to make well-known newspapers. And also, international websites write about them and the beauty of Egyptian tourist attractions. As a result, Cairo is among the top 100 tourist destinations in 2021.

American Time magazine Chooses Cairo in the Annual Classification

In its annual classification 20.07.2021, the American Time magazine chose Cairo to be among the list of the top 100 exceptional destinations in the world for the year 2021 that invites the world to visit. The classification included several cities in the world, including Athens in Greece, Berlin in Germany, Cannes in France, and Las Vegas In America, Madrid in Spain and others.

According to this classification, choosing Cairo came due to the Grand Egyptian Museum construction, which the world is waiting to open soon, in addition to the establishment of the People of Egypt Walk on the Nile Corniche and some high-level hospitality hotels.

Time magazine’s list of places works upon nominations by its correspondents worldwide, focusing on those who offer new and exciting experiences.

It is the third year in which the magazine prepares a list of the best places in the world, which the magazine made in honour of those in charge of the tourism and travel industry, who were able to adapt, build and innovate, amid exceptional circumstances. In addition, it is highlighting creativity, revitalisation and promotion of destinations around the world.

Landious Travel Comments on the Choice of Cairo among the Top 100 Tourist Destinations 2021

In this regard, Mofreh Landious, owner of Landious Travel, said that the selection of the American Time magazine, in its annual classification, the city of Cairo to be among the list of the top 100 exceptional destinations in the world for the year 2021. It invites the world to visit, which included several cities in the world, including Athens’s towns in Greece. It gives us an excellent opportunity to promote cultural tourism globally.

Mr Landious added that the Egyptian government carried out the inspiring development in the Fustat area. The establishment of a cultural and museum institution from which the light of Egyptian civilisation and heritage radiates. It was among the reasons that make Cairo an icon in a new dress.

He added that the Grand Egyptian Museum, the largest museum that exhibits the treasures of Egyptian civilisation under one roof and will open soon, is one of the most important reasons to attract Cairo attention.

Tourism Enhancements

Mr Landious called for organising events within Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, with those interested in the ancient Egyptian civilisation. The Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee head expected that Egypt would receive good flows during the next stage during the next winter season. Mr Landious also stressed that the archaeological discoveries that reveal various secrets about the history and civilisation of ancient Egypt would attract more segments of tourists who love cultural tourism. And he also called for the need to build a new mental image of cultural tourism that reflects modern museum institutions such as the Museum Foundation.

The Great Egyptian Museum, and the Museum of Civilization, pointing out that the Egyptian political leadership supported the tourism sector, pointing to the importance of the civil society playing an essential role in promoting cultural tourism, which is the most prominent characteristic of Egyptian tourism.

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Discovery of Ptolemaic Era Warship in Abu Qir Bay

Discovery of Ptolemaic Era Warship in Abu Qir Bay

The Egyptian-French archaeological mission of the European Institute of Laurel Archeology (IEASM), working in the sunken city of Heraklion in Abu Qir Bay – Alexandria, found the wreck of a Ptolemaic-era warship, equipped to sail in the Nile River. Also, it found the remains of a Greek funerary area dating back to the beginning of the fourth century BC. The discovery of the Ptolemaic era warship in Abu Qir Bay comes as one of a serial of discoveries in the same place.

Historical Background of Ptolemaic Era Warship in Abu Qir Bay

Mustafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that the ship was to dock in the canal that was flowing along the upper face of the Temple of Amun. However, this ship sank as a result of the collapse of the temple by a devastating earthquake. Subsequently, the collapse of the temple caused a fall of huge blocks on it during the second century BC. For fortune, the fall of those stone blocks helped to keep the ship down the deep channel, now littered with temple wrecks.

Ayman Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Sector, explained that IEASM discovered the wreck of that ship under nearly 5 meters of solid mud. This mud represents the seabed and is mixed with the remains of the temple. He added that the IEASM used underwater excavation devices such as sub-bottom profiler devices to find it.

While Frank Goddio, head of the mission of the European Institute of Sunken Archeology (IEASM), stressed that the discovery of fast ships dating back to that time is still very rare. He added that the Greek ships of this type were completely unknown until the discovery of the Punic ship Marsala (235 BC). This Punic ship is ” Our only example.

Description of Ptolemaic Era Warship

He added that preliminary studies indicate that the ship had a length of more than 25 meters. However, the hull was built according to the classical style that relies on the docus-and-deck technique. Yet, this style retains the characteristics of the ancient Egyptian one. Therefore, it represents a mixed type of construction.

The ship was a flat-bottomed one and had a flat beam, a useful model for navigation in the Nile and the delta, and had oars with a large sail, as indicated by the shape of the mast of great dimensions.

As some typical features of shipbuilding in ancient Egypt indicate, as well as evidence of the reuse of timber. These are enough shreds of evidence that the sailors built this ship in Egypt.

Facts Surrounding the Discovery of Ptolemaic Era Warship in Abu Qir Bay

Ehab Fahmy, head of the Central Department of Sunken Antiquities, said that the mission succeeded in finding the remains of a Greek funerary area. This area dates back to the beginning of the fourth century BC and lies at the entrance to the northeastern canal of the city. This discovery points to the presence of Greek merchants who lived in that city and controlled the entrance to Egypt at the mouth of the city – the Canopic branch of the Nile.

He pointed out that they were allowed to settle it during the late Pharaonic era, and they set up their funerary temples near the main temple of the god Amun. But, due to natural disasters, the area witnessed full destruction. Accordingly, the mission found the archaeological remains mixed with a stable Amun temple in excellent condition in the deep channel during the land subsidence caused by the phenomenon of Earth’s fragility.

He stressed that these monuments are an indicator of the richness of the temples of that city. The place is now located under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, 7 kilometres from the beach of Abu Qir.

City of Heraklion

It is worth mentioning that the city of Heraklion was for centuries the largest port in Egypt on the Mediterranean. It played this role until the founding of the city of Alexandria by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. Several earthquakes, followed by tidal waves, caused the fragility of the land and the collapse of a section of about 110 square kilometres of the Nile Delta. As a result, the cities of Heraklion and Canopus sunk under the sea. The mission of the European Institute of Sunken Archeology (IEASM) rediscovered the two cities in cooperation with the Central Department of Sunken Antiquities at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, in the period from 1999 to 2001.

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Preparation for Transfer of the Khufu First Boat

Preparation for Transfer of the First Khufu Boat

The transfer of the Khufu First Boat is a significant archaeological event, which Egypt will witness during the coming period. Therefore, the preparation for the Transfer of the Khufu First Boat is that important. The process will include transferring the first Khufu boat from the Giza Pyramid Complex to the Grand Egyptian Museum. This transfer process will use the intelligent, remote-controlled vehicle to transport the boat as a whole piece, considering protecting and securing it while moving.

First Experiment of Efficiency

In preparation for the transfer of the Khufu First Boat, the work team at the Grand Egyptian Museum conducted, during the last period, the first experiment to test the efficiency of the performance of the vehicle designated for the transfer of the first Khufu boat to ensure the safe arrival of the boat, which met with the critical success.

They discussed the latest archaeological and engineering procedures and equipment needed to conduct a final simulation experiment for the process of transferring the first boat of King Khufu from its current location in the Giza Pyramids area to its permanent display at the Grand Egyptian Museum during the next few weeks.

The discussion came during a meeting held on the morning of 17.06.2021, chaired by Dr Khaled El-Anany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, with Major General Atef Moftah, supervisor of the project of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area, Dr Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and Dr El-Tayeb Abbas, Assistant Minister for Archaeological Affairs at the Museum. And several museum leaders to follow up on developments in the works at the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The meeting also discussed the latest developments in the archaeological and engineering work in the museum and the file of providing and operating services there.

Transfer of the Khufu First Boat Procedures

Major General Atef Moftah, General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum, explained that this is the first experiment in a series of experiments that the engineering and archaeological team from the museum, in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, will take to ensure the safe arrival of the boat.

Also, he pointed out that the transfer process will be carried out by an intelligent remote-controlled vehicle specially brought in from Belgium to transport the ship in one piece, after protecting and securing it while moving.

He added that the experiment aims to test the efficiency of the vehicle and its endurance capabilities during the process of moving on the various axes of the roads up and down, in addition to knowing the extent of its ability to manoeuvre in curves and height differences of the streets. It carries weights similar to the importance of the boat, and a model of its protective metal structure, with the same length and width.

Major General Atef Moftah stressed that the experiment proved its success, and the ability and efficiency of the intelligent car to complete the transportation process successfully, as the car’s balance. Also, they fully assured the safety and stability of the metal structure while walking and on curves and the efficiency and security of the roads.

He said that the boat had been separated from the current museum building. The ship and the metal structure have become part of the preparation for the final transfer process after completing the remaining engineering works.

The most important information about the transfer of the first Khufu boat

  • The transfer of the first Khufu boat from the pyramids area to the Grand Egyptian Museum is the event that the world will witness in the coming weeks.
  • The Khufu boat is one of the sun boats, which is the largest surviving organic monument in history.
  • Transfer from the pyramids area to the Grand Egyptian Museum will take place amid a simple celebration without a procession.
  • Finishing the protection of the hull of the boat with a wooden structure in preparation for its transfer to the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • The preparation of the Khufu first boat for transport was completed, with the chassis firmly fixed around the hull of the boat to protect and preserve it during the transport process.
  • The first Khufu boat will be moved to its new display place inside a museum building equipped to display the sun boats at the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • The transport will be carried out using a vehicle designated for the first Khufu boat transfer.
  • The vehicle used for smart remote-controlled transport.
  • It was specially brought from Belgium to transport the boat one piece.
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Egypt reduces domestic flight prices

Egypt reduces domestic flight prices

The Egyptian Cabinet received a notification of an initiative to reduce domestic air flights prices. This initiative comes as a stimulus to domestic tourism. It is great that Egypt reduces domestic flight prices during this period!

Period of Initiative

The government will implement this initiative starting from 15.01.2021, until February 28th of the same year.

Aims and Goals

This initiative comes within the framework of the state’s efforts to support the tourism sector. It aims at stimulating domestic tourism for various tourist destinations across the republic.

┬áIt was also agreed that the national company “EgyptAir” would reduce flight tickets to tourist destinations. Meanwhile, hotels located in those destinations would offer promotional prices, to contribute to encouraging travel.

The Ministry of Aviation confirmed in a statement issued to set up mechanisms to stimulate the internal tourism movement. This statement came Tuesday 05.01.2021, under the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee for Tourism and Antiquities. It was during the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister in December 2020.

The initiative will aim to reduce domestic flight prices. Also, it will link tourist cities in various governorates, by organising trips from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Hurghada and Marsa Alam, and from Alexandria to Luxor and Aswan.

Also, the Ministry of Aviation confirmed that the prices of airline tickets, for Egyptians and foreigners, would be tax-inclusive. Certainly, this reduction will be at a flat rate during the period from January 15 to February 28, 2021.

The Framework of the initiative

Within the framework of the initiative, the Hotel Establishments Chamber will announce prices of accommodation in the hotels participating in the initiative. Consequently, these hotels will apply encouraging accommodation rates throughout the activation period of the initiative, with a commitment of 50% of the capacity. Certainly, all these steps will go with the established operating controls, and the need to adhere to all precautionary measures and health safety controls in all airports, museums, archaeological sites, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and tourist buses.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities, in its last session, decided to grant a 50% reduction on the prices of tickets for the entire Egyptians in the archaeological areas and museums in the governorates of Qena, Luxor and Aswan.

Why Egypt reduces domestic flight prices

Certainly, the government in Egypt takes these initiatives to limit the impact on tourism caused by Coronavirus disease. Encouragingly, the Egyptian government took previously more procedures and initiatives to help the tourism sector. Of course, all these initiatives aim to avoid the high expenses of travel. The initiative will help tourists to overcome the high expenses on both PCR tests and travel tickets.


COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

Many governments, all over the world, took procedures to reduce the infection among the audience. Among these procedures: making a medical analysis PCR.