Cairo Overnight Trip Hurghada – Old Cairo

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On the two-days trip to Old Cairo from Hurghada by bus, you visit the three Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. After lunch, you visit the Egyptian Museum. The second-day program will provide you with different visits to Old Cairo _ the Citadel of Saladin and Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.


It is a wonderful two-days trip to Cairo from the resort of Hurghada, Egypt! We recommend the excursion because it allows tourists to see the most impressive sights built during Ancient Egypt, and the old part of Cairo. It lets you learn a lot about the history of the country! ONLINE BOOKING CAIRO OVERNIGHT TRIP HURGHADA – OLD CAIRO AND BEST PRICE!

Highlights on Overnight Trip to Cairo from Hurghada – Old Cairo

  • Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
  • Lunch.
  • Visiting the three pyramids in Giza.
  • And, the Great Sphinx in the pyramid complex.
  • One night stay in a hotel.
  • Visiting the Old Cairo district with a stop at Khan El-Khalili.
  • Also; also, the citadel of Saladin.

Program of the Two-days Excursion to Cairo – Old Cairo

  • Landious Travel representative picks you up from the hotel around 02:00 am.
  • After picking you up, your private vehicle (Limousine, or minibus) leaves for Cairo passing the city of Ras Ghareb, Zafarana, Ain Sokhna, and Suez. All these cities are north of Hurghada, on the coast of the Red Sea. The road, from the centre of Hurghada to Cairo, takes about 6 hours.

Program in Cairo

  • As soon as you arrive in Cairo, we show you the Egyptian Museum. There are about 100 exhibition halls in the museum, where there is a unique collection consisting of about 150 thousand items. Your guide will have a task to show the wonderful exhibitions of this museum and give free time to take pictures.
  • After visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, you can choose to make the boat trip on the Nile. This is an additional program for an extra charge! As soon as the boat ride on the Nile ends, you are heading to another city _ Giza.
Program in Giza
  • The trip continues in Giza. The first stop, there, will be at the restaurant. It offers a buffet.
  • After lunch, you head to the pyramid complex, where there are great three pyramids and Sphinx. Your guide shows them and gives you free time for taking a picture.
  • The next stop will be at your hotel in Cairo. There, you can check-in and spend your night.
Program in Old Cairo
  • The first stop of the second day will be at the Citadel of Saladin. In this big citadel, you can visit its famous mosque “Mohamed Ali Mosque”, and see the fortifications of this place. At the same time, locating in this citadel with let you have a panoramic look over all the old part of the city.
  • The second stop will be at Khan El-Khalili district.
Departure to Hurghada
  • Finally, you depart back to Hurghada after such a program in the wonderful cities of Cairo and Giza.
  • This Overnight Trip to Cairo from Hurghada – Old Cairo arrives back to Hurghada at approximately 22:00 the next day.

What does Cairo Overnight Trip Hurghada – Old Cairo price include?

  1. Tickets for visiting temples.
  2. Lunch.
  3. Drinks.
  4. Guide.
  5. Hotel accommodation in Cairo.
  6. Also, Transfer to Cairo, and back to Hurghada.
What does not Cairo Overnight Trip Hurghada Program include?
  • Additional programs if not included in the above program.
  • Also, Drinks.
What to take with you for the trip?
  • Passport.
  • Breakfast box.
  • Also, Clothes for the season.
Cairo Overnight Trip Hurghada – Old Cairo Booking Days
  • Monday from 02:00 – 22:00 the next day.
  • Tuesday from 02:00 – 22:00 the next day.
  • Wednesday from 02:00 – 22:00 the next day.
  • Saturday from 02:00 – 22:00 the next day.
  • Also, Sunday from 02:00 – 22:00 the next day.


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