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When visiting Luxor, you have the option to embark on a magnificent Nile Boat Trip. This experience offers breathtaking views of the stunning Nile River and includes stops at notable attractions, including an island landing. During the boat ride, you will gracefully sail across the river, taking in the beauty of both riverbanks. The trip also includes a stop at Banana Island. The Nile Boat Trip is an optional addition to your itinerary when travelling to Luxor from various destinations.


The Nile Boat Trip Hurghada is an excellent additional program for tourists visiting Luxor from different destinations. We offer this trip as a supplemental program to Luxor trips and tours. For example, we offer it to tourists visiting Luxor from Hurghada. We recommend the trip because it enables tourists to enjoy the Nile River. On top of that, it allows them to see many modern and Ancient Egyptian attractions. Those attractions will include modern buildings, green fields, birds, animals and temples.

Highlights on the Nile Boat Trip from Hurghada

  • Nile picnic on a motorboat.
  • Visit Banana Island.
  • Also, enjoy a fruit basket of season harvest.

Program of Boat Picnic over the Nile River

Because the boat trip is an additional program, we will explain its program as a part of a trip to Luxor. As expected, the trips to Luxor start from Hurghada, Marsa Alam, and Sharm El Sheikh. The hereunder program will show the boat trip as a part of the one-day excursion to Luxor from Hurghada:

  • First, the Landious Travel representative will pick you up from your hotel at the appointed time.
  • Secondly, as soon as our representative picked up all comers, the bus/minibus would leave for Luxor.

Schedule in Eastern Luxor

  • Once you arrive at Luxor, we will direct you to the Karnak temple. Noteworthy that the ancient Egyptians dedicated this temple to God Amun. It is the largest in Egypt and the whole ancient world. The Karnak Temple lies in the City of Living – Eastern Luxor.
  • Your Guide will begin the explanation and give helpful information about the temple. Then, the group will go inside the temple with this tour guide. Accordingly, your Guide will show the frequently visited places in this large complex. Noteworthy that this complex contains different temples and buildings. In summary, your Guide will have the task of showing you all these temples. Also, our guides will give you free time to take a picture.

Nile Boat Picnic

  • Following the visit to the Karnak temple in Eastern Luxor, you will start a boat picnic across the Nile River. This boat picnic is an additional program you can book through us in advance!
  • In detail, that boat trip will start with a sail over the Nile River for 25 minutes.
  • Then, you will land on Banana Island. Significantly, you will walk on this island to discover the fruit trees. The Banana tree will be one of the plants you will see on this island. 
  • After that, you will have a seat in a Coffee shop on that island. While sitting in this coffee shop, we will offer you a delicious dish of various fruits.
  • Later, you will continue your boat picnic towards the western bank of the Nile River.
  • Once the boat gives a berth to the port, you will find yourself in Western Luxor, City of the Dead.

Program in Western Luxor

  • Consequently, in Western Luxor, the trip will continue with a visit to the Colossi of Memnon. The Colossi of Memnon are two grandiose statues that stand at the entrance of the temple of Amenhotep III. Further, your Guide will show you these statues; then, he will give you a chance to take a picture.
  • Additionally, the bus will head to the beautiful temple of Queen Hatshepsut. It is a fantastic temple located in Deir El-Bahari. Around this temple, you will see all sorts of tombs and other temples. The temples of Thutmose ΙΙΙ and Amenhotep Neb Hept Ra stand next to the temple of Hatshepsut. The Ancient builders carved these three temples’ traces right into the rock. Once again, the Guide will provide information and free time to investigate the place.
  • Before the end of the program in Western Luxor, you will visit the Valley of the Kings. It is excellent in this place and interesting! Progressively, in the Valley of the Kings, you see three tombs that belong to Egypt’s great pharaohs.


  • Thus, per the program mentioned above, the excursion to Luxor will end at approximately 17:00.
  • Finally, our bus will return to the destination you came from after such a fantastic trip to Luxor.

What does Nile Boat Trip Hurghada Price include?

  1. Entrance tickets for visiting Banana Island.
  2. Fruit basket.
  3. And Guide.
  4. Also, it includes a boat picnic from the eastern bank of the Nile River to the western.

What does not Nile Boat Trip Program Include?

  • The additional excursion programs if not included in the above program.
  • Also, Drinks on Banana Island.

Items to take with you for the trip

  • Sunglasses.
  • And a photo camera or mobile.
  • Also, take suitable clothes for the season.

Nile Boat Trip Hurghada Booking Days

  • Daily depending on the trip you are making in Luxor.

What is Expected to See during the Trip to Luxor?

Monuments on the eastern bank of the River Nile

  • Karnak Temple: the Temple of Karnak is the largest temple complex in the ancient world. Amazingly, it represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders and pharaohs. The temple’s old name Ipet-isut means “the most sacred places.”
  • Unceasingly, the building of this complex temple lasted more than two thousand years. It compromises three prominent temples, smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples on 247 acres. Within the great “Hypostyle Hall” is an incredible forest of giant pillars.
  • Luxor Temple: The Temple of Luxor remained the centre of the most historic festival, Opet. This festival was to reconcile the human aspect of the ruler with the divine office. Amenhotep III and Ramses II built this majestic Luxor temple and dedicated it to the god Amun.

Monuments on the western bank of the River Nile

  • Hatshepsut Temple: Hatshepsut temple, at El Deir El Bahary, is an impressive temple dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut, the only female pharaoh. Impressively, the temple of Hatshepsut rises out of the desert with a series of terraces. It merges apparently with the sheer limestone cliffs that surround it. It is one of the most beautiful & best preserved of all of the temples of Ancient Egypt.
  • Temple of Amenhotep III: the Temple of Amenhotep III is one of the fantastic temples on the west bank of the Nile River in the Theban Necropolis, Luxor governorate. Amenhotep III, pharaoh of the Dynasty XVIII, built this temple at about 1400 B.C., where the ancient Egyptians worshipped him as a god.
  • Temple of Thutmose III: Deir el-Bahari is the home of the temple of Thutmose III. The temple sits on a rocky platform in the centre of the Deir el-Bahari Valley. Hence, it dominates over the other structures. The Temple of Hatshepsut and Mentuhotep Nebhepetre surround the design itself.

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2 reviews for Nile Boat Trip Hurghada

  1. Ayshna Mukherjee

    The Nile boat trip or the Felucca Ride as it is commonly referred to in Egypt was another beautiful memory on our trip. It comes as an additional trip if you want to enjoy it. I don’t think that coming to Egypt and not taking a boat ride on the Nile will be a wise option. As decided, we had booked this tour with Landious Travels. I had explicitly wanted this to be arranged so that we could witness the setting sun sailing on the Nile. Seeing the sunrise on a balloon and the sunset on the Nile, I believe is a lucrative experience I will suggest everyone try out. Both ways it will be soul-stirring. Witnessing the beauty of the Nile floating on it is an experience of a lifetime! It was a super relaxing, pleasurable, & rejuvenating experience. I felt myself to be like Cleopatra sailing with all her royal entourage in tow! We were mesmerized by the panoramic view that we got to see of the city of Luxor. The best part of this trip lies in stopping mid-way at Banana Island. The other unique thing about this trip is the fruit basket that is given to us and all the fruits are all seasonal fruits. For this boat ride, you can either book along with a group or else book privately as well. Whichever suits your mood. But do ensure to book a Felucca as that will give you the traditional feel of it. Before ending this trip our guide just made it perfect by purchasing sugar cane drinks for us!!! What a sweet way to end the day. Great suggestion for all, while visiting Egypt, do set sail on the Nile with your beloved one in tow. Believe me, it’s mesmerizing!!

  2. Alexei

    Me and my family booked a trip to Nile River from Hurghada. I have a 9 year old kid and I was pretty nervous about him, trust me, it is SO uneasy to make him go on excursions. I thought he will not be very interested in looking at the river but I was so wrong! The moment we stepped on board he couldn’t stop talking about buildings and temples and the river itself! Everything was so new to him and he did enjoyed the trip! I want to thank for this magnificent opportunity and recommend it to all the guests who come to Egypt!

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